“I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia at 19 and have always focused on pain management instead of taking medication. Julie used some low-impact techniques that my body could handle. She helped me listen to my body and find alternatives to medicines like essential oils and natural treatments. Through her care, she not only kept my body in line, but she also taught me how to take care of myself better.”

– Jamie B.

“Julie is a true healer. She helped me get through chronic fatigue/adrenal fatigue. She is compassionate and highly qualified. I’ve never had a better chiropractor.”

– Debby T.

“Dr. Julie is patient and gentle and takes the time to listen to her patients and get to the root of the problem. She is knowledgeable and cares for her patients and their overall health.”

– Natasha E.

“I am an Ironman athlete who always struggles with lower back, hip and knee pain especially after long runs. Dr. Julie has been a huge help to me! She really understands the connectedness of the body and brought great relief. She also gave me exercises and stretches to do at home to build strength in weak areas. I’m so grateful for her help!”

– Courtney O.

“I have seen a number of chiropractors over the years for chronic issues following a car accident. Hands down the time, thoroughness, intuition, and skill I experienced with Julie was the best care I have ever received. HIGHLY recommend!”

-Sarah S.

“Dr. Julie is wonderful with patients of all ages! She is very talented and knowledgeable about spinal health and the way it impacts all systems of the body. She was wonderful with my 7 year old who was diagnosed with autism. His visits with her were positive and they often seemed to relax him for the rest of the day.”

– Becky R.

“I am so thankful for the talents and knowledge Julie has cultivated and uses to bless others. She has helped my family of 4 numerous times with various pain issues/injuries or just healthy maintenance. I often tell people about how she quickly identified and resolved an injury my young son had after a fall on his hand & arm, which caused a couple bones in his wrist to be misaligned. She cares about each patient that comes to her and her joy in helping others is evident.”

– Laurie H.

“Julie cared for me and my children with such kindness. She was patient and delicate with my girls. She treated my injuries thoroughly to get me back on my feet again. I always left he office feeling much better than when I arrived. I highly recommend her services to anyone! Thanks Julie!!”

– Onawa L.

“Julie was so gentle with our 10 month old daughter. She asked if she was crawling yet and we replied no. She did a small adjustment to her misaligned hips and that night she started crawling! We were amazed and thankful.”

– Kortney B.